Then, why don’t people bother to dress in their best when they go to meet Christ the King?

I once had it run thru my heart she should be more conservative in her dress

If you were going to visit with the Queen of England I’m sure people would dress appropriately and in their best. I’m sure that those who run Buckingham palace wouldn’t let you near the queen wearing shorts and flip-flops.

It’s not the priests responsibility- immodest dress rests solely on poor parenting of children. Much like the indifferent attitude today of teaching our children the precept of attending Mass on Holy days of Obligation and EVERY Sunday -or the importance of daily Mass or praying the rosary everyday. It’s a cycle that repeats generation to generation. THIS MUST STOP

Items 3,7,8,9, 13 under item 4 in your article, Father, as well as language similar to the “final thought” have been posted in our parish church (Our Lady of Angels in Woodbridge, VA) and Perpetual Adoration chapel for years. They are not always obeyed in the church (maybe the offenders are visitors), but they are in the chapel.

I applaud everyone with an opinion. My generation did not grow up in formal wear, skirts and like everyone I enjoy fashion, fingernail polish, etc. Once, I thought I would prefer all Catholic be required to wear that like a Muslim I thought the peace that would come would be a blessing. Thankfully, my preist corrected me. When I have attended Mass in the warmer areas of the world the “dress” follows the culture. What was fine in Africa or the South Pacific might seem odd here and we would chastise those that would come dressed like that. Many the childrens Bibles I have show Adam Eve in a short tunic with the tunic coming up to cover only one shoulder. Was that because the next ones they would have to make themselves and having no scissors, needles, etc. it would have to something they could make on their own with their own devices with the layout of the animal they would wear? Was it too warm to wear an animal skin over their entire body? I wear the new work style jeans to work and to church, I would wear them to meet the Queen of England but why would I want to waste my time with her when I have Adoration to meet our God. I will wear a formal dress to my cousins wedding but if I wore it to Mass I would be overdone. I wear sleeveless shirts because with MS heat causes me to experience severe pain and I sweat to where I suffer. I think the Vatican standard is sacred because of the office–it is the Queen, King and President. Many of us however, go to daily Mass, our daily bread, our daily lives. I tow several children with me, that when I have a worn a skirt with tights, as all mothers know, up goes the childrens hands up my skirt feeling my tights. Or when nursing, everything falls out anyways no matter how closed it is. What if we find a medium ground? A young mother, bless her heart, is a Eucharistic Minister and Lector. However, I found myself thanking God for her that one day when I am old and homebound she might bring me communion–my love. I have looked at the website listed for modest clothes–but I am not Amish either.

Almost like a nude figure sitting in front of our Lord, not to mention it creates a bad impression for all the faithful sitting behind of this particular person

It’s a judgement call for everyone of us, what is looking right and sound right? Be sensible about it. You wouldn’t blind if someone sitting in front of you wearing a topless singlet looked from behind it was like one’s wearing nothing in church. I am totally support for the dress-code going to church.