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  • Bettors create three double round robin bets 1 and 2, 1 and 3, 2 and 3 and then also a treble 1, 2, and 3.
  • Every leg you add to a parlay with reasonable odds, that isyou lessen your chances of hitting on it.
  • The example earlier was $100 per parlay, but even if you lower that amount to $5 but increase the teams to the 6 play screenshot earlier, you are risking $285 across 57 bets.
  • Additionally, by using betting calculators, it is possible to wager less cash on more games to increase your odds of a better payout.
  • When you do this, the odds are higher, meaning you have the chance to win reasonable amounts with minimal wagers.
  • Two-team round robins allow you to bet as many two-team combinations as possible with the same number of teams.

The difference with round robin betting and regular parlays is that you are able to still make a profit even if one leg of your wager doesn’t win. Your payout will inevitably be reduced if all legs of your bet don’t cash. Interestingly, the parlay combinations depend on the games that you pick.

A round robin bet is a great way to hedge your online sports wagers, because it’s a type of parlay wager consisting of 3 or more selections. However, the risk and potential winnings are higher since you’re betting on an extra choice. If you like those lines, you can place your money on a parlay. The matches can be anything, including football, golf, MMA, boxing, basketball, and everything in between.

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It is important that you know what all of these figures mean so that you understand what you are getting yourself into. If you would have instead bet it as a 4 team parlay (wagering $30), your profit would have been a whopping $368.50. Round-Robin bets are not easy to comprehend and stand as one of the more complicated forms of combination bets. As a result, anyone looking to place one should tread with caution if they are to avoid losing out.

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The above has a loss with Team A; as you can see, the wins are significantly lower than we had in the first example. One major part of these examples to notice is the overall odds of the bet. Even if we use only favorites in our round robin, it is still a longshot to complete it successfully. Most bookies do not even allow users to assemble the Round Robin sub-bets without their assistance. Instead this special betting market must be requested directly from bookies and is available via telephone betting from some bookmakers.

Putting down that same bet as a RR bet will allow you to reduce your bets’ risk by 30%, though you stand to win less. A Round Robin bet allows you to take this parlay and spread out the risk over multiple sets of matches. The term “Round Robin” actually comes from a kind of tournament where each team or player has a chance to face each other team or player. In this case, it refers to the fact that each bet has a chance to cover the spread for each other bet. Now that you have a better understanding of how a round robin bet works, it is best to build on that knowledge with an example.

What Are Some Pros Of Round Robin Bets?

Round robins are just a series of parlays that include specific multiple teams. While all matches need to win for a parlay to succeed, not every choice must win to field a money-making round robin. Actually, there isn’t a limit for the maximum teams, but most of the sportsbooks accept up to 10. Round robins also bring the chance to hedge and reduce losses to a minimum. While it reduces potential over revenue, it also smoothens losses. So, Canadian players who create the bet properly are on the right track of making some extra cash.

Once you have your selections you can place the various sub-bets that we identified in the section on What a Round Robin bet is. While Round Robin bets are popular among horseracing punters, the bet can be made using any selection from any betting market. The bets in a Round Robin are structured to ensure that each one of the selections features in at least one type of sub-bet. All your chosen events will be listed in the Bet Slip with your wager options above. We need to confirm and be extra sure that this strategy is worth the hype. Looking from a logical perspective, it’s a great technique to help punters earn a substantial amount of money.


It’s a less risky type of bet than accumulators that includes all possible combinations of events. Accumulator bets are larger and tie the outcome of all events together, so if you lose one, you lose it all. With round robin, you will eventually win something as you’re covering all match outcomes in smaller parlays.