To understand its worth, it’s important to look at where it came from. Although officially founded in 2008, Bitcoin didn’t gain economic value until October 2009, when New Liberty Standard published the first exchange rate. Under this rate, you could swap 1,309 Bitcoins for $1, calculated by dividing the dollar by the average amount of electricity required to mine for the digital currency. These days, you can use Bitcoin as a substitute for fiat currency. The government does not have any central authority overlooking its operations like every traditional currency.


However, on an individual front, Why are Bitcoins valuable may have the potential to disrupt our lives similarly as the Internet and mobile phones did over the years. The objective of mobile phones was to allow people to stay communicated over a gap of kilometers. The Internet came with the aim of sharing knowledge through a commonly accessible platform.

Bitcoin and Crypto Price Trackers

This theory proposes that the value of a good is not determined by the labour that has gone into manufacturing the good , or any intrinsic or inherent property, but by the consumer. Stay up to date with all of ING’s latest economic and financial analysis. EToro have proven themselves trustworthy within the crypto industry over many years – we recommend you try them out.


According to the Global Findex Database 2017 from the World Bank, there were 1.7 billion unbanked people globally. It all started with Bitcoin, first introduced as a white paper in 2009 as Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System. Since then, various types of digital currencies have been added, with the market cap reaching $ 2.65 trillion. Niche group of investors profited from the mysterious blockchain technology since the cryptocurrency was least common to individual investors over the globe.

The Economics of Gold: The Gold Standard

Bitcoin’s price is up nearly 900% this year, and many are wondering how the cryptocurrency could recover from its slump. Some are saying that the value of Bitcoin is not at its peak yet, while others are expecting the price to drop even further. It is very unpredictable, but many still believe that it is going to rise.

However, this use case – and the path to it – is far from certain. has earned its reputation as a safe haven over thousands of years and bitcoin can’t compete with that kind of pedigree. Even some of Bitcoin’s harshest critics have pointed to some of the positive aspects of this technology. Some platforms are so confident in the security of the blockchain, that they have offered «bug bounties» to those who can successfully find vulnerabilities in their network. This theory became known as the marginal utility theory and is closely linked to the “Subjective Theory of Value”.

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Preferably one who is familiar with digital currencies and how to maximise the benefit of these investments. There have been some horror stories in the news about people losing bitcoin which would today be worth tens or hundreds of millions of dollars. Bitcoin owners have been subject to hacking and online theft, and people have simply lost passcodes or devices giving access to their bitcoin.

  • In contrast, fiat currency depends on these elements to be valuable.
  • Every industrial supply chain relies on the trustworthy transfer and exchange of data, goods, and services.
  • Interestingly, the above is mostly true for gold as well, although the latter is obviously a much more established store of value and has been recognized as such over centuries.
  • As per the University of Cambridge, mining pools use 78% of renewable energy.
  • But Bitcoin still has the largest market cap of all, showing the market’s trust in it.
  • However, a cap is not the only way to hedge against inflation.