Knowledge of and emotions towards the breast cancer and its own evaluation tips

The new questionnaire manufactured a couple areas one to counted feel and you can feelings. The initial area consisted of 21 questions, and 6 towards the breast cancer feeling, 9 towards the expertise in breast notice-test, step 3 with the experience with systematic test, and step 3 towards experience with mammography. A proper answer is actually obtained given that step one, and you will a wrong address or you to definitely replied “I am not sure” was obtained as 0; the sum of every questions try regarded as the info rating. Next area constructed 15 five-section Likert-scale concerns to your emotions toward BC that have been obtained from 0 so you’re able to 4 that have beliefs ranging from “highly differ” so you’re able to “strongly consent.” The sum of the the inquiries was thought to be the newest feelings get. All of the ratings have been classified considering their website name within the three equivalent parts, particularly «low,» «reasonable,» and «a.»

In the Cochran’s attempt size algorithm, this new p = 0.5 gets a maximum decide to try measurements of 385 having d = 0.05 and you will rely on height = 0.95. This was altered within the a population having N = 1500 ladies children, putting some latest sample dimensions 306. To acquire an acceptable shot size, i picked 350 students, and finally, 311 qualifying forms was in fact analyzed. This new team sampling strategy was applied so you can survey ladies high-school youngsters in numerous regions of Fasa area, found in the the southern area of away from Fars state from inside the Iran. For each category for the a college was a group equipment, and all of the students on picked group was indeed surveyed.


Detailed statistics, together with volume price, payment, indicate and you may fundamental deviation, are acclimatized to define the features away from participants according to conclusions. Feeling and you will attitude was basically plus categorized to your around three equal groups. Centered on group pointers and you may a family reputation for breast cancer, the degree of education and industry out of mothers plus the knowledge and you will feelings from children was opposed using an independent t-sample. The significance peak try defined as 0.05, plus the data is actually analyzed having fun with SPSS type twenty five.

Group guidance

The average age members, students’ mothers, and you may students’ dads had been ± step 1.57, ± 4.68, and you may ± 6.89, respectively. More moms and dads had a senior school degree, toward frequency being 83% and you may % for dads and you can parents, respectively. Fathers have been primarily freelancers (%), and you may mothers were housewives (%). Every students were understanding either person sciences (64%) otherwise math and you may physics (36%). The young got achieved its information about BC mainly from guides (twenty seven.3%); they’d hardly described midwives otherwise gynecologists locate recommendations (8.4%). Just 5.4% off youngsters had a family reputation for BC (Dining table 1).

Multiple 3rd (35%) of your acting pupils considered that only girls you will suffer with BC. Overall, 41% away from people was indeed unacquainted with its attacks, and thirty-six.7% out of college students considered that terrifically boring lumps were a sign of BC. More than half of the pupils imagine they would be from the exposure to the disease whenever they got a confident family history otherwise was indeed over 40 years dated. More than 70% of them had no recommendations (we.age., time and process) on BSE, neither had it received people studies on the subject. Merely 23% from people is educated towards the BSE, that had received advice provided mostly by the midwives and you can gynecologists (10.3%). Really people was and unacquainted with most other examination methods instance systematic examination and mammography (Dining table dos).

Students’ attitudes regarding the BC evaluation are provided in detail. Every college students throughout the ideas questionnaire didn’t come with viewpoint concerning concerns requested, and people who entirely agreed otherwise entirely disagreed had the lowest count and you may commission (Dining table step 3).

The general knowledge get was 7.15 ± step three.twenty-five, the greatest suggest get where belonged to BSE (dos.74 ± step one.68), together with low suggest score belonged in order to mammography (0.69 ± 0.82). At exactly the same time, the overall score away from thinking is ± six.1. Discover no relationship ranging from students’ amount of studies and you may attitudes (p = 0.06) (Dining table cuatro).