Note that we included GST in our sale, but now we have to separate it from the sale price. Also, we will have a debtors’ control account that lists ALL the credit we’ve given to customers. We have to include the full value of the sale here because that is what they owe us. It is used for maintenance and tracking of the account receivable account and inventory accounts.

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Real Estate Sales Include Kennedy Grocery Store, Restaurant.

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Although the system generates this statement of stockholders equity automatically when you run the R42800 program, you can also select Sales Order Reports , Print Sales Journal and run it separately. This report is helpful to review how sales revenues are distributed. Let’s consider the example of a butcher who sold half-a-dozen hogs on credit for a customer (they’re having a rather big barbecue). The butcher sold the meat for $2,310 (with a GST of $210 included in the sale price). It cost the butcher $925 to buy the meat from the farmer. This knowledge can be used to ensure that individual customers have not exceeded their credit limits.

Sales Journal: Definition

Taking the time to think about the good and writing it down will keep you in a positive frame of mind to start fresh the next day. Built from productivity principles, the Sales Journal has been designed specifically for sales professionals.

  • The cash disbursements journal to the right has one debit column for accounts payable and another debit column for all other types of cash payment transactions.
  • Hence customers can make purchases at the moment and pay later when they have the money.
  • At the same time, a credit is created for your accounts receivable accounts.
  • All credit sale transactions entered are supported with invoices.

The Sales Journal is an audit report that itemizes all entries made using S/O Invoice Data Entry. Printing the Sales Journal is the first step in the update process, and provides an opportunity to check invoice data errors before posting the information to the permanent files. When you add items to a sales journal, you should reindex that journal to ensure that all reports reflect those changes. Ageneral journalto record adjusting and closing entries and any other entries that do not fit in one of the special journals. The system accumulates these values and displays the totals. In this lesson, we will explain the sales journal, a journal used to record sales made on credit.

1 The Sales Journal

The general journal is used for adjusting entries, closing entries, correcting entries, and all transactions that do not belong in one of the special journals. If a general journal entry involves an account in a subsidiary ledger, the transaction must be posted to both the general ledger control account and the subsidiary ledger account. Both account numbers are placed in the general journal’s reference column to indicate that the entry has been posted correctly. The following example illustrates how transactions are recorded in sales journal and how entries from sales journal are posted to individual accounts in accounts receivable subsidiary ledger and general ledger.

individual entries

Companies could spend a lot of time and resources in retrieving the amounts owed to them from customers. This leads to a waste of time and resources that could otherwise be used more productively towards the company’s growth. Reports a list all invoices generated within this period followed by the summary report. If a period remains open, the total sales may change until the period is closed. If a period has been closed, the total sales for that period are final.

Exercise 10: Sales Journal

The sales journal lists all credit sales made to customers. Sales returns and cash sales are not recorded in this journal. Entries in the sales journal typically include the date, invoice number, customer name, and amount. Invoices are the source documents that provide this information. In its most basic form, a sales journal has only one column for recording transaction amounts. Each entry increases accounts receivable and increases sales.


If a general journal is used to record credit sales, each transaction must be posted to both the subsidiary and the general ledger accounts. Even for a firm with only several hundred sales a month, using a sales journal can save considerable time. In this case, the debtors’ account or account receivable account is debited with the corresponding credit to the sales account. Businesses use the credit sales journal entry to keep track of credit sales which ensures that errors are avoided when trying to retrieve these debts and that the company’s financial statements are accurate.

What is a Sales Journal?

The nature of each company’s transactions determines which columns this journal includes. Although companies create special journals for other types of repetitive transactions, almost all merchandising companies use special journals for sales, purchases, cash receipts, and cash disbursements. The sales journal is an important tool for businesses to keep track of their sales and accounts receivable.

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Over time, achieving that one major taskevery daywill put the sales person on top of the leaderboard. The idea behind this is related to getting rid of on-hand inventory. When you sell it, you reduce the liabilities you have with inventory.

The seller uses it to a sales transaction in the sales journal and the buyer uses it to record a purchase transaction in the purchase journal. All the sales on account for June are shown in this journal; cash sales are recorded in the cash receipts journal. The entity should hire separate employees to enter credit sales transactions. When recording the credit sale transaction in the sales journal, each such transaction is analyzed in the debit and credit aspects.

  • By the same amount, and debited the cost of goods sold by $ 3,75,000.00 and credited the inventory Account.
  • For instance, if a company sells consumables to retailers and gets paid say in a month from the time of goods delivery, they will have to record the sale as a credit sale pending when they receive the payment.
  • Goods are denoted as ‘Purchases A/c’ when goods are purchased and ‘Sales A/c’ when they are sold.
  • Your task is to complete the Sales Journal by analysing each transaction and deciding in which account column it must be placed.
  • When a transaction is recorded, the accounts receivable account is debited, while the sales account is credited.

Your task is to complete the Sales Journal by analysing each transaction and deciding in which account column it must be placed. The Sales Journal in the Excel file contains a list of twenty saes on credit transactions. If this information is not updated at this time, the invoice information remains in the S/O Invoice Data Entry file and is included the next time an update is performed. If a purchase order was generated for a sales order, the purchase order number and purchase order required date are included. Let’s say, we have a shop, where we are servicing and repairing bikes, and we have existing customers coming with their bikes and submit them for repair, and they pay in cash.

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The best way to record entries is by using flexible accounting software. Many accounting software options allow entries to be created both manually and automatically. Some even allow you to instantly make an accounting entry from a sales invoice. Automation is a way to make your business function smoothly. This transaction won’t be entirely revenue for your business, though.

However, it also increases the total cost of goods sold for your business. The record can give insight into periods of high patronage and those of low patronage. Hence, it can be used to gauge the business’s performance over time.


When seller sells merchandise on credit, he prepares an invoice known as sales invoice or outward invoice. This invoice is sent to the customer, usually along with the merchandise. This duplicate copy is kept by the seller with him because the entry in the sales journal is made on the basis of it. It also is not necessary to write an explanation of the transaction because only credit sales are recorded.