I prefer condom, however, just after sex I take advantage of medications-Postinor – otherwise sodium and you can drinking water or wash off quickly

Browse players indicated solid support to own abstinence together with usage of condoms, speaing frankly about these just like the just new safest different birth prevention but as the most effective an easy way to avoid the outcomes of unplanned pregnancies. All of the participants within early years of studies including favoured abstinence, and they participants had been also the least familiar with birth prevention products.

Overall, respondent’s narratives revealed about three head contraceptive fool around with patterns, namely, condom simply, condom otherwise tablets, and you will condom, pills otherwise douching. One to respondent remarked ergo regarding their utilization of the very first development:

“I prefer shelter, condoms naturally; I always assert that my wife use a good condom, as the I do not think that a lady condom try hygienic enough”. (IDI, 25-year-old, fourth-season pupil).

Types of stopping unexpected pregnancies just after-gender

Really members imply certain methods of blocking pregnancies immediately after intercourse even though not absolutely all measures these are merely antique. Participants which did not have any knowledge of immediately after intercourse contraception was indeed relatively more youthful and you can generally in their first 12 months regarding investigation. The research showed that people including made use of what was in your neighborhood called “concoction” – a mixture of ingredients having unproven efficacy, instance salt and hot water, soft drinks, a neighborhood form of analgesic known as Alabukun, tangerine and you will potash, and you may orange and you will Alabukun. Participants was indeed believing that such concoctions had been extremely efficacious once the just after-intercourse contraceptives:

In the event that non-safe sex happens, immediately, there are many medication such lime and “Alabukun” meanwhile; it works most of the time. (IDI, 24-year-old, fifth-12 months college student).

Neighborhood methods performs. I have tried personally sodium and you may liquids Footnote 2 to help you evacuate the newest spunk. It truly does work. (FGD, 20 year-old, season around three student).

A nurse immediately after told me that one may take in the combination off cooler “7UP” [a brand name regarding carbonated take in] and “Alabukun” Footnote 3 to completely clean the uterus (IDI, 18 year-old, 12 months you to scholar).

At the side of concoctions, certain members told you they might personally testify on the effectiveness out-of particular low-crisis birth prevention medications. Predicated on her or him, menstrogen tablets Footnote cuatro , antibiotics Footnote 5 , and gynaecosid tablets Footnote six were eg effective. Certain users just weren’t merely acquainted with accepted emergency contraceptive pills (Levonorgestrel (Postinor), particularly) however, got yourself put her or him.

One of many sexually active members (n = 43), especially those regarding the later years away from data, men condom is actually typically the most popular birth control

The study learned that within quest to avoid unwanted pregnancy, children and additionally relied on combos that may prove slightly hazardous, such consolidating low-crisis birth-control tablets as to what try discussed earlier as “concoctions”. One to twenty-two-yr old respondent asserted that such as Columbia escort for example a combination removed any possibility of being pregnant immediately after non-safe sex:

Menstrogen earliest, after that orange and potash, can be used to stop unwelcome pregnancy. I have used that it combination plus it performs (FGD, twenty two years old 12 months three pupil).

For most respondents, what spent some time working finest are a mix of crisis birth prevention tablets that have non-crisis contraceptive pills. As one 23-yr old fourth-12 months scholar said, EC tablets including Postinor I, Postinor dos “spent some time working finest in consolidation” with low-EC medication such as for instance ampiclox capsules (antibiotics) and you will menstrogen.

I am able to use Postinor quickly, right after which fool around with hot h2o and lots of sodium-merely to ensure. (FGD, 21-yr old, third year scholar).

Along with as the an afterwards-intercourse birth prevention habit, participants reported that the procedure that worked for him or her is actually guidelines extraction of one’s sperm thanks to vaginal douching shortly after intercourse:

We stand up instantly and you can wade the bathroom and then try to draw out the fresh sperm. (FGD, 28-year-old next-season scholar).