How to qualify for a 2 Million Dollar Loan

Banks and insurances or similar entities and lenders have many conditions and requirements to be able to acquire any CI loan. As a result, you end up accepting unreasonable terms and limit yourself to only a few options and a specific amount of funds. In our case, we make it easier and more accessible regardless of your commercial and industrial needs and new projects.

Commercial Lenders

At Commercial Real Estate Loan Pros of Jacksonville, we are able to offer you more loan options and accept most of the requests we receive thanks to all the commercial lenders we give you access to-as long as your needs are based on businesses and companies. Our team and company is a lender itself, but we have more alternatives in case you want to access loans with other terms but that is still reliable, However, if you choose us as your main lenders, lower interest rates and longer loan terms will only be a few of the benefits you access with us.

Commercial Mortgage Brokers

Any business or company interested in accessing and getting to know several lenders for their commercial needs can request our service. We understand that finding a single lender is difficult as it is, imagine having to find more than 2 or 3 due to different needs and purposes. Definitely a nightmare. However, we make it simple and easy for you thanks to the commercial mortgage brokers we have access to and you will find many more alternatives based on your needs and projects.

Million-Dollar Business Loan

A million-dollar is a lot of money and requesting it from a company or to any lender in Jacksonville will be a great challenge, and having the loan approved will be ten times more difficult due to all the requirements you have to meet. In our company, we open the option to any individual and business, as long as they meet all the regulations and requirements we have established due to the amount of money we will be lending at once.

$1 Million Dollar Unsecured Loan

If you do not have collateral to offer for a loan of this magnitude, we can consider your creditworthiness and take it as 90% of the requirements you need to apply for the loan and have it approved. Unsecured loans are not based on collateral but rather on the ability of the borrower to repay the credit. Therefore, we use this system for this $1 million dollar credit but the terms for repayment are usually more strict and include a higher interest rate compared to regular loans.

First, do not expect to request it without having collateral that covers at least 50% of the total amount. This is a great loan to request and it can be difficult due to all the requirements and for this, we are not the exception. However, it is true we are more flexible for the repayment and offer longer loan terms for it. After all i thought about this, 2 million dollars is not a small sum of money to pay back in only a few months. As for what you need to qualify for it, a good credit score is usually needed along with your financial records, and let our company know as your possible lenders how you plan to repay the money based on your work or other incomes.

Should you rely on us?

For loans that actually aim for the specific expenses and uses you are requesting them, better terms and conditions when accessing one, and having more opportunities to even apply, then, you should definitely count on us without hesitation. Our company Commercial Real Estate Loan Pros of Jacksonville has been in this business for over a decade and we understand your needs as the borrower. Thanks to this, we will always offer loans that adjust to what you are trying to access and will provide the required funds 90% of the time. With this in mind, you will definitely get lower interest rates and be able to reschedule certain payments according to your situation.