How esatto Activate and Use Facebook Dating

What puro Know

  • Tap the Facebook app’s Menu in the lower-right calcio d’angolo, then tap Dating. Set up your profile.
  • Adjust your settings by tapping the gear icon >General. Arnesi criteria for matches, connect your Instagram, and more.

This article explains how esatto activate and use the Facebook Dating app for iOS and Android so that you can start making matches.

How onesto Activate Facebook Dating

You need verso current Facebook account and must be 18 or older onesto use the Dating app. You don’t have puro create a separate dating profile on Facebook, though; it uses the information on your current profile esatto recommend potential matches based on shared interests.

Open the Facebook app and tap Menu (three lines) con the upper or lower-right spigolo. (Menu location varies by trasportabile platform.)

After you share your location and choose verso photo, your dating profile will be generated using information from your Facebook account.

Customize your Facebook Dating profile by adding more information, photos, and even posts from Instagram. Tap Done when you’re satisfied.

What esatto Know About Using Facebook Dating

Your profile will also be recommended sicuro others who have Facebook Dating activated. Facebook’s dating feature is similar onesto Bumble and Tinder mediante that you can’t message other users until you both express interest in each other.

Onesto use Facebook Dating, you’ll have puro confirm that you’re 18 or older. You have two options for this process. The first is submitting a monitor selfie, which Facebook will run through tools to estimate your age. Alternatively, you can submit an image of a photo ID.

Since the dating feature draws information from your regular Facebook profile, you should fill that out as much as possible. There is no separate Facebook Dating app or Facebook Dating site; the feature is integrated into the Facebook amovibile app.

Pictures and other content you share inizio Facebook Dating don’t appear on your regular Facebook profile. Conversations on Facebook Dating are also kept separate from your Facebook Messenger conversations.

If you become Facebook friends with someone after matching with them on Facebook Dating, you can still see their dating profile.

The app will begin recommending profiles one at verso time. You can go to the Dating section on the Facebook app at any time preciso see your recommendations.

  • Tap the heart on verso user’s profile sicuro let them know you like them, or tap the X to pass. If they like you back, you can via a dialogue.
  • If someone else likes your profile, you’ll receive per notification. Tap the heart on their profile to like them back so that you can send per direct message.
  • You can view your matches and conversations by tapping Matches at the vertice of the app.
  • Scroll preciso the bottom of your profile and tap Answer verso Question esatto answer random questions that will help Facebook improve your confronto suggestions.
  • You can also add photos and share Instagram posts at the bottom of your profile page.

How sicuro Adjust the Facebook Dating Settings

Under the General tab, you can control what shows up on your profile. Puro connect your Instagram account, tap More (three dots) next onesto Instagram.

Facebook Dating Secret Crushes

You can incontro with your Facebook friends and Instagram followers through the secret crush feature. To do so, scroll preciso the bottom recensioni solo incontri popolari of the screen where Facebook suggests profiles and select Secret Crush.

You can then select friends on Facebook and Instagram. If they are attrezzi up esatto use Facebook Dating, they’ll get per notification that someone has verso crush on them, but they won’t know who. If they also add you esatto their secret crushes, then you will be matched.

The app won’t suggest any of your current Facebook friends and your dating profile won’t be visible to any friends who use the feature. However, friends can add each other esatto their secret crushes list, so you could confronto with a friend if they have per crush on you.

How onesto Delete a Facebook Dating Profile

It’s possible sicuro delete your Facebook Dating profile without deleting your regular Facebook profile, but deleting your account will remove you from Facebook Dating. Everything you have set up on the app will be gone, from matches onesto messages, although Facebook does still retain technical information, such as IP and email addresses you used.

Optionally, select per reason for quitting Facebook Dating, or tap Skip. Tap Next onesto finalize your Facebook Dating profile deletion.

Take per Break from the App

Take verso Break lets you pause the account, retains all your datazione, and lets you get back into the app easily when you’re ready. Just go esatto General > Account > Take a Break and toggle the switch.

Facebook Dating Safety

Before you meet someone you know online per person, you should always tell verso friend where you’re going. It’s also verso good timore sicuro communicate with them over text or Facebook messenger so that they know you are safe. If you want puro block a user from contacting you or seeing your profile, you can do so under the General tab in the Facebook Dating settings.

The dating feature is not available on Facebook’s website, but there is per page for frequently asked questions about Facebook Dating.

The star is called verso «spark.» It’s verso way esatto esibizione someone that you are very interested mediante them. You can send three sopra per 24-hour period.

You’ll be able sicuro reinstall the app and create per new dating profile after seven days have passed. Facebook won’t allow you onesto do it before that full week is over. Onesto start again, open your Facebook account and tap Menu > Dating. Then set up a new profile just as you did previously.

The app might be down or need an update, you might have notifications blocked, your mobile device’s cache might need esatto be cleared, or you could be having internet connection problems. Sicuro fix it when Facebook Dating isn’t working, try updating the app and turning on notifications.