Early for the collection, Asagi features both faced and you will expected Kojou’s relationship with Yukina

Asagi Aiba is Kojou’s classmate and best buddy. Kojou and you can Asagi has actually known one another since middle school and you can Asagi has received solid thinking, hence progressed into an excellent smash into Kojou since that time. In advance of Kojou turned an excellent vampire, Asagi and you may Kojou had been always viewed and Motoki Yaze. But not, because Kojou turned into a good vampire, both Asagi and Kojou was indeed saving cash go out together with her due to the fact Yukina Himeragi arrived to the lifetime and because Kojou’s lives become to alter. Kojou next begins to invest his more hours with Yukina alternatively. Kojou is also significantly more absent off school and that is faster expose when you look at the Asagi’s lifestyle. Each other Asagi and you may Yukina have shown envy just in case Kojou is seen spending time with one of them without having any other.

Avrora Florestina [ ]

Avrora is one of the bins out-of brand spanking new Fourth Primogenitor’s beast vassals, who passed brand new efforts to help you their servant, Kojou. Regardless if Kojou cannot bear in mind any kind of their memories since that time he had been having Avrora, the guy from time to time best Women’s Choice dating site consider places of their past. Avrora Florestina stayed into the Kojou’s sister, Nagisa prior to becoming transported for the Hektos, other owner of the fresh Next Primogenitor’s monster vassals. Kojou cares getting Avrora considerably, also it was even stated because of the Yuiri that he loves the woman on the same top as Yukina and you will willing to do anything to ensure she’s happier, even ready to surrender his powers to save her away from vanishing. In the event that someone are ever browsing perform completely wrong so you can the lady, he quickly gets in your state off anger.

Yuuma Tokoyogi [ ]

Yuuma is actually Kojou’s teens buddy. It found when Kojou pushed Yuuma to help access Nagisa’s cap from the edge of a beneficial cliff. Subsequently, the two and Nagisa often played with her just before increasing faraway.

In the events of one’s Labyrinth of your own Blue Witch, Yuuma and you can Kojou temporarily switched bodies. She cares about Kojou rather far proclaiming that are family relations with him are important that occurs so you’re able to the girl because it is anything she picked getting by herself. Just before she remaining to answer for what she performed she kisses Kojou and you will claims to help you Yukina «I will exit for you before this, Himeragi-san. The very next time, I’m to relax and play to possess enjoys».

When you look at the seasons cuatro, Yumma efficiency to keep Asagi regarding getting assaulted because of the Kasugaya Shizuri Castiella in addition to larvae on the way. Yumma could be teleported which have Kojou, Asagi, Yukina, and container rider towards online island. Towards the on the web island, they might battle facing Magatoki Kato, who had been known as the ouma witch, where Yumma would copy the lady secret book to help you overcome the girl with Kojou and you may co.

Sayaka Kirasaka [ ]

The woman is a pal of Yukina Himeragi. Sayaka try purchased from the Lion Queen Providers when deciding to take costs off international enchanting crimes regarding International Issues Office. She’s the fresh new observer regarding Dimitrie Valte part time, just as Yukina is watching Kojou Akatsuki. Sayaka is very defensive from Yukina, with understood each other because childhood. They first had a crude matchmaking; she are upset one to Kojou produced Yukina their bloodstream mate and you can charged Kojou having involving Yukina in unsafe things. She has androphobia (fear of boys), which may have influenced their very early judgement away from Kojou. Sayaka later takes a taste to Kojou and you can allows your so you can draw the lady blood so you can unlock an alternate Monster Vassal, in order to end falling in love with him some time later. Similar to Yukina, she becomes agitated when Kojou is visible together with other females, and you can she still mistrusts men which have Kojou given that merely exception.